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Thanks to Mayor Derek Kawakami on Kaua'i for giving us a shout-out! Click to watch at timestamp 3:25.


Kauai Ku Makani is in The Garden Island Newspaper! CHECK out the article as they share their services and resources with their community on Kauai

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Tuning in LIVE from AM 690 The Answer 94.3 FM is Ku Makani sharing our program with Mike Buck on the Aligned With Veterans Show. 

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It’s been more than a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and several months since vaccinations became available. The virus has taken a toll on the physical well-being of thousands of Hawaiʻi residents. But the disease and the economic fallout from government-ordered shutdowns have also affected everyone’s mental health in some way, whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, isolation anxiety or substance abuse.

Image by Pascal Debrunner

Get more information on Ku Makani and the types of services and resources that we provide throughout Hawaii.

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Check us out on Hawaii News Now as Kathleen Merriam (featuring our Honolulu Crisis Counselors) shares more about Ku Makani and the services and support that we offer.

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Ku Makani is in Oahu's Midweek Newspaper sharing more information on our program, services, and how to reach one of our Crisis Counselors for assistance. Check out our article on page 6 of  the Midweek!

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